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Choose from vinyl or carpet deck board that are cut to the measurements provided by you. Vinyl and carpet are both marine-grade and this does include the ply-deck. Boards will come wrapped in either vinyl or carpet. New hardware is included. 


Please include the serial number of your boat and measurements of your boards. There are 2 side boards, 1 seat board (located inbetween the two seats on a PK4400 or behind the seat on a PK3000/PK2000), 1 front board, and 1 back board. 


Carpet is available in blue or grey. Vinyl is available in grey or tan. 


Vinyl PK2000/3000 $328.00

Vinyl PK4400 $403.00

Carpet PK2000/3000 $266.00

Carpet PK4400 $363.00


**Please note that our deck boards are only available in in-stock dimensions and you should verify that they are the correct dimensions for your boat. Boards are not returnable.**

You will need to drill a hole with a hole saw in one of the boards to accommodate the rear rudder shaft. You will also need to cut a notch out of each side board to accommodate the bearings.

The boards are shipped UPS Ground. Please call for a shipping quote. 


Please call us at 989-235-6776 for dimensions and to place an order.   

Replacement Deck Boards - Call to order

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