Choice of in-stock colors (grey, tan or blue carpeted boards, or marbled grey or marbled tan vinyl). Carpet boards for PK2000 or PK3000 are $265.00; for the PK4400 $360.00. Vinyl boards for the PK2000 or PK3000 are $322.00; for the PK4400 $399.00.


**Please note that our deck boards are only available in in-stock dimensions and you should verify that they are the correct dimensions for your boat. Boards are not returnable.**

You will need to drill a hole with a hole saw in one of the boards to accommodate the rear rudder shaft. You will also need to cut a notch out of each side board to accommodate the bearings.

The boards for the PK2000 and PK3000 are shipped UPS Ground. The boards for the PK4400 are shipped Freight, which is a minimum cost of $125.


Please call us at 989-235-6776 for dimensions and to place an order.   

Replacement Deck Boards--Call to order