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Our snap-on mooring cover adds great protection from the elements (including birds!) and is perfect for winter storage; built with specialty marine material and heavy-duty snaps. MSRP $306 for the PK3000 mooring cover, $385 for the PK4400 mooring cover. The mooring cover will not fit over the table but it can be ordered with the cut-out slots that go around the table legs (add $32). Custom canopy flaps can be added as well. The cover installs using self-drilling snap-head screws around the edge of the rail. Accessories such as the canopy and drink holders may need to be removed before installing the mooring cover. Mooring cover should be removed when transporting the paddle boat. Available in grey or tan.

**Please note that if you are replacing an existing mooring cover, the snaps on the new cover will not line up perfectly with the existing snaps on the boat, so you will either have to install more snap-screws on the boat or move the existing ones. The cover can be special ordered without any snaps so they can be installed to line up exactly with the existing snaps on the boat, but they can only be installed with a special snap-gun, which most canvas shops have. There may be a wait time for special orders.**  New installation hardware is included.

Mooring Cover

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